Do you wish you had the baseball instruction business of your dreams?
Instructor Authority
Discover How to Turn Your Passion Into an Ideal Baseball Business in Just 8 Weeks!
Instructor Authority is a Step By Step Training Course That Shows You How to Turn Your Unique Knowledge or Expertise into your Ideal Baseball Instruction Business in Just 8 Weeks.
You have a knowledge or expertise right now that a baseball player desperately wants or needs.
That player and his parents are looking for the answers that only you can offer, and they are willing to pay you for it.
If you have a dream of owning your own business teaching baseball then this course is going to walk you through the exact steps to creating your business, market the business, establish yourself as the authority in your market and growing your business with your ideal clients in just 8 weeks.
For just $347 you can learn how to exponentially increase your income and build your ideal baseball instruction business.
Instructor Authority
In this 8-Week Course You’ll Learn
  • The Systems, Tools and Forms that you need to lay the foundation of a successful business
  • Which training model reaps the best income with less time
  • How to create your flagship programs
  •  Marketing your business so that you are attracting your ideal clients
  •  How to position yourself as the "Go-To" guy in your market
  •  The REAL way to use Camps & Clinics
  •  The ninja secrets to finding out how much you should charge
  •  How to put it all together into a well-oiled machine
This Program Is Easy to Follow and Designed to Get You Results Fast!
Each module is designed to build on the previous one, which allows you to piece it together in a very simple and direct method.
Each of the 8 training modules give you action steps to make sure that you quickly absorb and implement the strategies and tactics.
Here’s a taste of what you’ll learn...
Module 1: Systems, Tools & Forms
This module lays the foundation of your business, which means to you, that you will be better organized to talk with your clients, develop relationships, elevate your status, protect yourself and make everything a lot simpler, allowing you to focus on other areas of the business.
Module 2: Instruction Structure Models
We go through how to maximize your revenue against your time, which means to you, that you will make more money in less time so you don't get burned out having to grind it out in the nets with clients you don't like
Module 3: Programs & Ascension
We will go through how to establish structured programs at different levels of participation, which means to you, that you can focus on the area you want to niche in and have different levels of participation available. This allows you to capture more clients of different commitment levels, gradually working clients up to higher end programming, making you more money.
Module 4: Marketing Your Business
Then we dive into the traffic and marketing of your business. How to pick your target market and advertise to them, which means to you, that you should be getting more of your ideal clients to raise their hand, wanting to work with you.
Module 5: Creating & Developing Your A.C.E.
Strategies to position yourself as the expert & authority, which means to you, that you will become more in demand and viewed differently than your competition and become able to charge more for your services. Who doesn't want to be the "Go-To" guy in their community?
Module 6: Camps & Clinics
Breaking with tradition, we will reveal the real ways that camps and clinics should be used, which means to you, more leads generated and more income put into your pocket.
Module 7: Pricing
You will learn how to charge for your services and overcome the guilt of charging at all, which means to you, that you will be able to grow your business and make a living doing it.
Module 8: Putting It All Together
You will know EXACTLY how to integrate all of this into a well-oiled system, which means to you, that you will have a predictable, systematic business that your competition just doesn't have. You will own the competitive advantage over them and dominate your market!
Special Bonus Module #1
Facebook Advertising
You will be walked through, step by step on how to identify and configure your ideal target audience and then use that audience to create engaging ads, prompting more prospective clients reaching out to your business.
Special Bonus Module #2
Kansas High School Baseball Coaches Association Presentation
Get a front row seat during one of my presentations at the Kansas High School Baseball Coaches Association. I will dive deep into the bio-mechanics of throwing a baseball and what you need to do to teach and train your athletes when throwing a baseball. While the topic of this presentation was geared towards pitchers, there are many common skill sets that are discussed that apply to anyone who throws a baseball.
Special Bonus Module #3
Interview with Dave Bingham 
Eavesdrop in on an in-depth conversation between myself and Dave Bingham, current San Diego Padres Coordinator of Development & Instruction and College Baseball Hall of Fame Member. Prior to joining the Padres in December of 2015 and in between College Coaching stints, Dave ran one of the most successful and respected travel baseball organizations in the country, the Kansas City Sluggers. Along with running the Sluggers, Dave fused those teams with a highly successful baseball academy as well. In this interview, Dave peels back the layers and reveals everything that he believes in and what has made him so successful with developing players throughout his career. The information shared in this bonus alone will transform how you train your players and run your business! 
HINT: It absolutely goes against the grain of today's travel baseball and academy philosophies
Special Bonus Module #4
Resources and Templates
I've left nothing out in this program. Not only do you get action steps in the modules but you will gain immediate access to a wealth of templates and forms that you can swipe and modify to fit your business right away! Email templates, Training Session templates, Referral Email campaign, Business Plan template and a digital copy of The Pain Free Pitcher. In this special bonus module I've done all the heavy lifting for you so you can make money and generate new prospective clients while your sleeping, eating, or just hanging out.
Meet Your Instructor
Andy Powers
Andy Powers is a nationally recognized and highly respected instructor and author when it comes to pitcher development, program and business development and he is the founder of The Texas Pitching Institute.

Andy has consulting clients all over the country, where he builds customized training plans for their programs and individuals, as well as, speaking all over the country, sharing the methods and strategies of The Texas Pitching Institute.

Andy is best known for his ability to help his clients quickly attack their weaknesses and enhance their overall abilities on the mound, getting them quick wins that builds momentum for greater long term success. 

Andy started The Texas Pitching Institute out of the bed of his truck and grew it into having one of the only training facilities in the country that is 100% dedicated to pitching. 

For the first time, Andy is pulling back the curtain and revealing all of his tips, secrets and strategies that he has used to build his nationally recognized business.
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Instructor Authority
Special Bonus
When you enroll in Instructor Authority, you get lifetime access to our private Facebook group of other like-minded baseball professionals.
This is the ultimate group of success-minded peers who can help you stay accountable and share with you their brilliant, breakthrough ideas.
Results Guaranteed Or You Don’t Pay a Dime!
And to make sure that you’re 100% satisfied, you’re protected by our Get Results or Get Your Money Back 8-Week Guarantee. It’s that simple. We want you to go through the entire program and if at any time during the course you feel that the program is not right for you, simply call (915) 262-6031 or email us and we'll issue a full refund.

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Your First Class Begins as Soon as You Register!
Instructor Authority
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