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"The One-Of-A-Kind, Complete Pitch Calling Sign System From The Coach To The Catcher And The Catcher To The Pitcher, So You Don't Give The Other Team The Upper Hand!"
Including One Sign System That Is 100% UNDETECTABLE 

Finally, A Step-by-Step Pitch Calling Sign System Created By A Coach, For Coaches

You have seen this in games before…  

One team has a good pitcher that should be dominating most hitters, but the team that he's pitching against seems to know everything that he is getting ready to throw ahead of time.

They have the pitches.  

Why is it that when the team pitching figures out that the other team has their signs and they change them, that their signs still seem to get figured out quickly?  

Is it simply that the offensive team is full of superior players that are smarter than everyone else?



You see…Pitching inherently already has an advantage over hitters, so why would you want to give that advantage up by letting them know what pitch you are going to throw before you throw it?  

I'm sure you don't mean to do it intentionally, yet it happens all the time and most teams aren't prepared to make the adjustment even if they wanted to. The question is WHY?

Because your sign system is terrible.  

Unfortunately, nobody has ever dedicated a program to teach effective and undetectable sign systems before.

With all of the different products and philosophies out there about how make you a better pitcher, nobody seems to understand that the most dominating pitcher loses his advantage if the other team knows what coming.

You may be at the point where you have started to question things…

- Are you letting your team down?

- Are you working extremely hard only to let the other team get the upper hand? 

- Why can’t you find a sign system that won't easily be figured out by the other team? 

- Am I giving myself and my team the best chance at being successful?

- Are you prepared to compete at the next level?


If you find yourself feeling frustrated trying to figure all this out, there is an answer…

The Pick Proof Sign System is the only product on the market that addresses EVERY aspect of pitch calling from the coach to the catcher and the catcher to the pitcher..

What's The Problem?

We're smack in the middle of an age where technology and information has never been at a higher level in the game of baseball.   

Even though pitching has the inherent advantage over hitting, pitching is still incredibly difficult.   

Good teams are always looking to find an advantage over the other team and they practice developing the ability to decode the other teams signals if they can.   

If you think I'm exaggerating on that, I can tell you that I used to personally have my teams practice trying to decode sign systems and then we had signs in place ourselves that told the rest of the team that we were "working on it" and once we figured it out, we had a sign to let everyone know we were "hot" and we had systems in place to begin relaying the pitches.    

But virtually all the pitcher development programs today focus more on how to throw a baseball instead of also giving coaches and players alike, the tools necessary to protect the pitches that they have worked so hard to develop.

The result is that if you ask coaches and players what their practices, bullpens, strength and conditioning and off-season looks like, you'll get spreadsheet after spreadsheet of fancy charts, graphs, progressions and more.   

But if you ask them about their sign systems, how many different systems they have to choose from, they just look at you and say "You know, we don't have a system or it's the 2nd sign."   

If we're going to take the time to develop our pitchers to compete and be the best they can be, why would we just be willing to give all of that away because we lacked the information needed to implement a strategic sign system?

The Solution

I wanted to put together a resource that addresses multiple different sign systems between the coach and the catcher and then multiple more between the catcher and the pitcher. Something that allows you, the coach or player, to maximize the coverage of your pitches.  


That’s what The Pick Proof Sign System is a comprehensive system to help coaches, catcher and pitchers develop a tool box of sign systems from the beginner to very advanced. 

I've even included one sign system that has never been figured out!

What is included in The Pick Proof Sign System?
Coach To Catcher

I will show you several different sign systems from beginner to very advanced to keep the pitch calling a secret! 

I also include an actual chart that I use to implement an advanced sign system that even youth catchers can easily use!

Catcher To Pitcher

I will show you multiple different sign systems from beginner to very advanced between the catcher and the pitcher!

I also include a sign system that I have personally used at the Division I level that I can guarantee has never been figured out!

About Me

Coach Andy Powers: 

Coach Powers, a former Division I Pitching Coach and High School Head Coach, is the owner of the Texas Pitching Institute in El Paso, Texas and Associate Scout for the Kansas City Royals.  

A former Division I Pitcher for the University of Missouri and the University of New Mexico, Powers has used his experiences, research and knowledge to develop pitchers that range from Little League to Major League Baseball.   

As a coach and former pitcher at the Division I College level, I’m aware of the physical demands of pitching and the preparation needed to succeed. I’ve put my Pitcher's Development methodology into practice with thousands of pitchers, ranging from kids participating in Little League to MLB stars and I’ve shared my approach with coaches around the country through workshops, clinics and conventions.   

Now I’m making my Pick Proof Sign Systems program available to you today.

What They Are Saying

“The Texas Pitching Institute is an elite training ground for the serious pitcher. Andy is on the cutting edge of information for planning and training pitchers. I highly recommend seeking out the opportunity to train at his facility in El Paso if you are interested in truly getting the most out of yourself.”

Joel Mangrum 

New Mexico State University

“Andy and I immediately connected on similar visions to help pitchers get to the highest level.  I spoke at his annual coaches convention, which was a very action pact three days, and we have been working together every since. If you are in the Texas area, you need to get in front of Andy Powers. He has been where you want to be and his knowledge for the game is second to none. More impressive than that, he cares about you as a person and he wants to you to succeed on the mound and in life.”

Tim Dixon 

The Mental Locker

"At the Texas Pitching Institute, I not only have become a physically better pitcher, but a smarter one too. Coach Powers' cutting edge training methods added substantial velocity to my fastball, while at the same time contributed greatly to the healthiness and durability of my arm. Never in my playing career has my arm felt so live and capable. Each pitcher is put on a training program unique to them, specializing in bringing out their full potential as a pitcher. The physical training circuits put me in prime shape, and are specifically suited to target the muscles used when throwing a pitch. Perhaps the most important aspect of the Texas Pitching Institute is the arm care training. Pitchers use top notch training aides such as J-Bands, shoulder tubes, and wrist weights to keep the arm in the healthiest pitching condition. I can't say enough regarding what the Texas Pitching Institute did for me as a pitcher, for both the physical and mental aspects of the game. Coach Powers truly understands what is needed to keep the arm in the best shape, increase velocity, and prevent injury, and he does so in ways that are challenging and fun at the same time. Thanks Texas Pitching Institute!"

Stephen J. 

High School Athlete

"A tribute to your system.....Nick's coach called and told me that Nick has the lowest ERA and the least amount of hits given up. He has the 2nd most strikeouts behind only a senior, who has 1 more, but has pitched 10 more innings than Nick. Total pitches thrown, Nick is second in strike to ball ratio, behind the same senior. Your system seems to be working....Thank you!"

Dan R.

Parent of HS Sophomore

"I always feel like I have to thank you after Josh's games. He has always been a good pitcher, but now he is so durable. He has still not given up a run this year!"

Kristen C.

Parent of HS Sophomore

Frequently Asked Questions
What is The Pick Proof Sign System and why is it so effective?
The Pick Proof Sign System is a cutting-edge step-by-step training system that combines all the necessary components needed to protect your pitches called between the coach and the catcher and then also the catcher to the pitcher.
What If I train Little League Athletes, can I still use this system?
Yes, absolutely! In fact, many of the sign systems are designed with the youth player in mind. The advanced concepts are also presented in a way that many youth will understand, but there are plenty of choices in the program that the youth catcher and pitcher will easily be able to use.
I’m not experienced with calling pitches at all. Can I still benefit from this System?
Yes, I have left no stone unturned in providing a complete system for pitch calling that you can use no matter what your experience level. You’ll learn how to coach each sign system and how to teach it to your players as well.
I’m an experienced Coach. Is Pick Proof Sign Systems for me?
Absolutely! This information is the perfect compliment to what you’re already doing to achieve success with your pitchers and catchers by adding more tools to your toolbox. Having the ability to switch up sign systems from advanced to another advanced system just makes it that much more difficult on the other team, further ensuring you maintain the advantage over the hitters.
The Program
Take Your Game To The Next Level!


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