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The Ultimate Pitcher's Training Camp

ATTENTION PARENTS: Does Your Son Ever Experience:

- Arm Injury / Pain / Tightness / Fatigue / Soreness that impedes my performance? 

- Velocity is below the acceptable speed for the next level that I aspire to get to? 

- Lack of command of my fastball? 

- Lack of command of my off speed pitches? 

- Lack of adequate secondary pitches (Curveball, Slider, Change Up)? 

- Struggle controlling the running game? 

- Lacks the knowledge and understanding of how to attack hitters? 

- Difficulty recovering from previous outing? 

- Lack of consistency from outing to outing? 

- Trouble with focus and concentration? 

- Difficulty overcoming failures / setbacks / obstacles?


"Let me show you the most comprehensive, personalized, all-encompassing, elite level camp, that teaches your son the latest cutting-edge information and how to apply it to themselves personally, that is available in the country today!"

If you want to pitch at the Ultimate level, you have to work, train and develop better than your competition. At the Ultimate Pitcher's Training Camp, you will get armed with the exact information you need to put you on the path to becoming the Ultimate Pitcher!

Hi, I'm Andy Powers,

And this is HUGE! 

This summer I will be starting up and hosting my annual Ultimate Pitcher's Training Camps and I promise to give you everything I can, unveiling the secrets and science that it takes to develop more velocity, pitch development, mechanics, arm care, strength training, attacking hitters, sign systems, pitcher's fielding practice, and MORE! 

BUT ---- I'm only allowing 8 pitchers in the camp at a time, so that I can guarantee that your son will be personally known and will get the specific information that he needs. 

Now let's be perfectly clear 

This is an in-depth, elite level camp that spans over the course of 3 days, and no matter how much your son listens and pays attention, he is not going to be able to retain 100% of the ridiculous amount of career-changing information that he is going to be given. 

And because I realize this, I have already put in place many tools to ensure that his time at the camp will not be forgotten once he leaves on Sunday. 

I have no doubt that the amount of information that your son will get during the camp will be more than enough to begin changing the path of his career for the better, but what is most important is what he does with that information once he gets home and is on his own to implement and practice his personalized plan. 

So I am going to do everything within my power to make sure that your son has access to what he needs....

Because I Will Personally Provide For Your Son A Pitching, Throwing And Training Program that is 100% Created Just For Him.

This is just one of the many reasons why my Ultimate Pitcher's Training Camp is unlike anything you've seen before.

The Entire Camp Is Spent Revealing The Best Strategies In Throwing And Training Today, And How To Make It Directly Apply To Your Son

By now, you are probably trying to figure out how I will be able to create a program that specific for your son when there will be 7 other pitchers from around the country attending as well, right?

I'll tell you how: 

- Soon after you register, before it's even time for you to show up for Day 1 of the camp, I will be sending you a packet of self evaluation audits

- Inside the self evaluation audits, I will be asking you to fill out each one of them as openly and honestly as you can so that I can get to know your son before he even gets here

- I will also ask you to list as many questions as you can think of, so that I can prepare to answer as many of them as I possibly can for you at the camp

If I didn’t do this… Then this camp would be like every other camp that you've attended, where it is boring and generic, teaching every pitcher attending to do exactly the same thing, regardless of their individual needs. 

I would be wasting your time with pointless, time-killing activities that don't really do anything to make you a better pitcher

So as you can imagine, every Ultimate Pitcher's Training Camp I host is completely different from the one before

Because of this, I am charging more for this camp than you have probably ever paid before.

It's true. 

I will also tell you that if your son is not serious about becoming the best pitcher he can be, then this camp will probably be a waste of your time and money. 

I'm telling you this now because this is my reputation and how I support my family and I really don't want you going home feeling that this camp was a complete waste of time, or upset because your son is not actually implementing the personalized plan that was designed for him.

One Size Does Not Fit All

There is not one single player that is exactly like another player. In fact, the same player most likely isn't the same player that they were the year before. 

Because of this, a pitcher's training program shouldn't treat everyone the same. It should grow and evolve with the individual player. 

If your program is not meeting your needs and supporting your current skills and abilities, then it is a waste of time.

At the Texas Pitching Institute, we focus on the individual and create a customized and personalized throwing plan to meet the needs of the individual.

My Name Is Andy Powers.

Over the past 13 years, I have seen 15 of my pitchers get drafted into professional baseball, and over 250 of my athletes move on to play college baseball. As a former Division I coach and current Associate Scout for the Kansas City Royals, I have learned a thing or two about what the elite athlete needs to play at the next level. I have seen so many athletes with ability and potential, fall very short of what they could have been because of poor information and a lack of personalizing the training to the individuals unique needs. It is because of this that I created the Total Pitcher Training Program™ and the Ultimate Pitcher's Training Camp, so that determined and ambitious pitchers would receive the latest information in a program that is personalized to their needs.

When You Come To The Ultimate Pitcher's Training Camp:

- You will begin a thrower's and pitcher's training program, focusing mainly on arm health, velocity, endurance and recovery.

- You will go through a comprehensive Functional Mobility Screening and Functional Corrective Exercises by a Physical Therapist.

- Daily Mental Training Sessions.

- Learn the Game Changing concept of Effective Velocity and never look at pitching the same again.

- Thorough video analysis to address the movements of your throwing delivery to help you learn and understand yourself at another level.

- No matter where your current throwing state is, your situation will be tailored to the program to ensure that you get the most out of it.

- You will learn Dynamic Warm-Ups and multiple arm care tools.

- You will learn how to strengthen and condition like a pitcher.

- You will learn various different throwing drills and protocols, specific to your needs.

- You will leave with a 21-Day Throwing Plan, customized to you, to implement on your own.

“At the Ultimate Pitcher's Training Camp, not only was I pushed to the limit, but I flew past what I thought my abilities were. Leaving the camp, I am not only a physically better pitcher, but a smarter one too."

Stephen J. - HS Pitcher

"This camp did a lot for me in a short time span. I feel as though it really eased how hard I had to work when throwing and I even saw an increase in velocity. I strongly recommend this camp."

Kyler L. - College Pitcher

"I couldn't believe the professionalism and knowledge that was provided in this camp! This was unlike anything I've ever seen before. My son has a plan that was built for HIM! If you're thinking about doing this camp, I wouldn't hesitate to tell you to DO IT!"

Dad - Camp Participant
Are You Ready?
What To Expect At The Ultimate Pitcher's Training Camp

1. Get exposed to and understand a proven program that consistently develops velocity, in the smartest and safest ways known today.  And discover how to turn your arm into a FACILITATOR instead of a GENERATOR. 

2. Develop the most effective methods and strategies to take your off-speed pitches to another level 

3. Be provided with a mental performance process that will help turn the most timid kid into a BEAST on the mound 

4. Your pitching delivery will be broken down and evaluated, in-depth, and you will learn where your performances are struggling and why. But, your son will be given the answers to how to solve it (He's expected to write it down) 

5. A thorough Functional Movement Screening will be performed to identify where your son's body is holding him back, and then how to resolve the matter to allow him to move more freely and maximize his ability.

Day 1: The Foundation

As soon as you and your son arrive at the Texas Pitching Institute, your son will be handed a camp shirt and his own personal binder, which includes a ton of information already in it, as well as, blank pages for notes to be taken.

As we get the camp kicked off, a Video Analysis and Functional Mobility Screening will be done. This will be the foundation of the camp for your son, to begin building his personalized plan, tailored-made to his specific needs. 

I mentioned earlier that your son will be responsible for taking notes, AND I MEAN IT! 

I want your son to become his own best pitching coach, but the only way he will have a chance at that, is if he commits himself to doing what is necessary to learn. Over the course of the 3 days, I'm going to show him exactly what he can do to build his road map. 

So we will begin by reviewing the self assessment audits that I had you fill out before the camp even began. 

From there, we will dive into our first session of Mental Performance Training. 

After that we will get ourselves going and go through our Video Analysis and Functional Mobility Screening. 

By the end of Day 1, your son will have his personal plan already drawn and we will spend the remaining 2 days, coloring it in!

Day 1

Classroom Training

Individual Audit

Mental Training Segment

Dynamic Warm Up


Functional Mobility Screening

Video Analysis

Day 2: The Build

Now that your son has The Foundation completed of a personalized Video Analysis that identified where he needs to spend his focus improving, as well as his Functional Mobility Screening, it's time to build.

This is "How The Sausage Is Made"

Day 2 will begin again with the 2nd Mental Performance Training before jumping into the components of arm care that ACTUALLY cares for your arm and gets it ready to throw a baseball.

The concepts behind Long Toss and then a "How To" on Weighted Balls. 

Building off of the Video Analysis, we will dive into specific Throwing Drills that will directly impact and effect your son, using drills that he ACTUALLY needs to correct his mechanics. 

We will then learn HOW to Strengthen and Condition like a pitcher and WHY we do it that way.

Then your son will be shown several different Sign Systems (including one that has NEVER been figured out)

Day 2
Classroom Training

Mental Training Segment

Dynamic Warm Up

Arm Care Instruction

Long Toss

Off-Speed Development

Weighted Balls

Corrective Throwing Drills

Strength & Conditioning

Functional Mobility Corrections

Sign Systems

Day 3: The Finish

We are on the home stretch now, but this is the fun day. This is the day that we get to begin putting it ALL together!

To start the day, your son will be exposed to the most MIND-ALTERING concept of how to Attack Hitters. 

We will go through our final day of Mental Performance Training and then your son will be turned loose on his own, to perform the Dynamic Warm Ups and Arm Care components that he has learned over the previous 2 days. (I told you that he was going to be held accountable) 

Now, anybody can get on a mound and call themselves a "pitcher", but in reality, they are just throwers. 

I'm interested in making your son a pitcher, and in order to do that, we must be able to control the running game and field our position. 

Not only that, but we will put everything we've learned over the past 2 days into a bullpen. 

And not only with your son throw a bullpen, but he will learn HOW to throw a bullpen, so that he gets the most out of each time he does it. (Including TWO SECRET bullpen styles that will make a bigger difference in the way your son pitches, than any other way) 

After that, we will challenge ourselves by pushing more out of your sons arm than he ever knew was possible. 

Finally, your son will be shown several Recovery/Cool Down methods to begin the repair process and cut your son's recovery time down by half.

Day 3
Classroom Training

Effective Velocity

Attacking Hitters

Mental Training Segment

Dynamic Warm Up

Arm Care Stations

Throwing Drills

Pitcher's Fielding Practice & Picks


Radar Readings

Recovery Training

Your son will be responsible for keeping his own notes!

Your son will have his own binder to keep track of and it will be his responsibility to maintain it and use it throughout the camp!

This is an exercise in CHARACTER BUILDING! It's one thing to work hard and do everything that you're supposed to when a coach is watching, but it is true character and the kind of make up that COACHES WANT, when a player does what he's supposed to when nobody's watching. 

I promise you (and you know in your heart) that pretty much every other pitching camp in the country is going to treat your son as just another camper and will stick to their cold, impersonal, cookie-cutter material, no matter what. 

While I can also promise you that at the Ultimate Pitcher's Training Camp, your son is going to get loaded up with so many "Gold Nuggets" of information, he will be forced to try to write them all down in his binder before he forgets. And he will be put on the path to becoming his own best pitching coach because of the personalized throwing and training plan that he is going to receive.

By the way... Did I mention the instructor to player ratio is 5:1

Here’s just a few names that have helped me in the past:

Former Camp Instructors:

Joel Mangrum - New Mexico State

Ben Jackson - New Mexico State 

Many Division I Pitchers that are TPI Guys!

Coach/Pitcher Ratio - 5:1
Camps like this one are extremely rare and don’t come around very often, so you’re probably wondering what something like this costs, aren’t you?

Probably not as much as you'd expect. 

How does $30/Hour sound?

For half of what the average 1 hour private lesson costs, you will get 16 hours of in-depth, customized and cutting edge information that you just can't find in a private lesson.

Now, even though this camp is an absolute bargain, there are still some expectations for those who participate. 

This camp will expect and demand that your son will take his career by the horns and make the decision to become his own best pitching coach!

There are no videos of this camp available....The only way that you get to see it is by being a part of it, live and in-person! (Video not permitted during camp)

- No two pitchers are the same, therefore, no two programs are the same, but your son will leave with THE template in his hands, but it’s up to him to carry it out!  (If you don’t think your son will actually follow this program after the event is complete, this program is NOT FOR HIM!)   

I'm also going to make sure that your son goes home with everything he learned at the Ultimate Pitcher's Training Camp, PLUS know exactly where he stands in his current levels of performance, as it matches up to the rest of the country...even world.

You get all this for just $497

(Payment Plans are available of 4 equal payments)

Your son will receive a continued education that gives you both direct access to personal coaching and video reviews following the completion of the program!

You will have continuing access to me after the camp is over to make sure that the plan your son is provided begins to take shape and that you and your son can have that sense of security that I'll be there with you in your corner, making sure that you are making the breakthroughs that you're wanting.

The Harsh Reality Is: You’re son will not reach his potential in 3 days, that’s understandable…That’s why this program is all about giving you a long term plan!

And that’s why I’m going to make sure and your son go home with a…

Bonus #1
The Total Pitcher Training Manual
Bonus #2
Arm Care Educational Video
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