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The Pain Free Pitcher

Throwing A Baseball Doesn't Have To Hurt
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  • How to eliminate back shoulder pain by fixing your glove side arm. Page 60
  •  The truth about head positioning and how we are more reptile-like than you might think. Page 53
  •  What you should NEVER do after you're done throwing. Page 99
  •  The truth about playing baseball all year long and how it affects your development. Page 22
  •  What to do if you are playing on multiple teams, especially at the same time in the same season. Page 25
  •  Say goodbye to outside elbow pain! This simple strategy will clear that up in no time. Page 79
  • What to do if your pre-teen player or late-bloomer starts complaining of pain right on the inside bump of their elbow. Page 65
  •  When it's OK to NOT finish in a fielding position after you throw the baseball. Page 57
  •  The truth about Tommy John Surgery and why it happens and how you can avoid it happening to you. Page 63
  •  The 9 possible reasons the front of your shoulder hurts and how to fix it. Page 31
  • And Much, Much more!
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